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Essential Wellness Insights

Dynamic Detox day 6

This is the second day of the restrictive phase of the detox. We are waking up pretty easily these days which is welcome. I woke up with serious brain fog, but it seems to be easing up as the day goes by. Grady has not had any brain fog, but I’m wondering if it’s because he is drinking coffee every day.

I had about four hours of physical work this morning and got through it but started to have a headache around midday. After lunch I took it easy and had a nap. The headache came back before dinner and faded after I ate. In all honesty I really felt lousy today and when I do this again I’ll make sure to schedule more down time for days 5 and 6. We both only had 3 of the Dynamic Detox beverages today, hopefully we can get 4 in tomorrow.

What we ate-

Breakfast- Dynamic Detox blended with spinach and water.

Lunch- I had leftover salmon and Grady had the Dynamic Detox.

Dinner- Misir Wat aka Ethiopian spiced lentils (I’ll add recipes when I have more energy).