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Essential Wellness Insights

Dynamic Detox Day 8

Made it to day 8 and now we can start reintroducing foods! We started by adding back our green smoothies and mango with our chia pudding. The rest of our diet stayed the same, except the Dynamic Detox drink went down to 3 times, which is what we’ve been doing. Surprisingly we did have some adverse reactions to the fruit, all told we probably had 3 servings. Grady had an itchy throat and I had some bloating, both symptoms of too much sugar. Tomorrow we will drop the fruit intake down to two servings.

I really wanted wine today but we realized that with this detox we aren’t taking much downtime, so the next detox we do we will develop some sort of self care, relaxation time that can take the place of our happy hour.

Breakfast– Green smoothie and chia pudding with mango.

Snack– Dynamic Detox drink.

Lunch/Dinner– We were so busy that lunch got pushed back and we ate dinner really early. Pan fried trout with a spinach salad.

After dinner snack– Dynamic Detox drink, apple and nuts.