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Essential Wellness Insights

Days 9 and 10 of the Dynamic Detox!

Did we finish the detox or quit two days short? We finished, of course! I’m just a lazy blogger! In this post I’ll talk about the last two days, how we felt reintroducing foods, as well as things we wish we would have known and whether we will do this again.

On day 9 the program has us go down to one scoop, twice a day, however we only had enough product to have one serving each. Keep in mind that we had 3 servings on the days we were supposed to have 4, which means we either had too much on the days we had the half servings or there was just not enough product. If you decide to do this detox please keep that in mind.

We noticed a few things when adding foods back into the diet. As I mentioned on day 8, we realized that we need to limit our fruit intake to 2 servings a day, and this has stayed pretty consistent. I noticed that adding in a red house wine that I get from Costco, caused a headache, and frankly didn’t taste good. Overall, my alcohol tolerance went way down. This last week we helped a friend move and ended up eating Mexican one night and pizza the next. Grady was fine, but it really affected my sleep. Both nights I woke up at 2:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep until 6:30 am, not fun. Last night I slept great but I can tell my body is still processing that food because my joints are swollen and sore. I will continue to limit grains because of this.

Grady lost 9 pounds on this! I lost 4 pounds and an inch around my waist and hips, making a difference in how my clothes fit which makes me happy. We are planning on doing this again in November for longer, perhaps 20 days or 28 days, we will see.

I wish I had downloaded the program guide before going grocery shopping. I assumed it was going to be the same elimination diet that we had done with the UltraClear protocol but it’s actually more restrictive. Interestingly, even though the food options are more limited the detox overall is much easier. I remember being so miserable doing the UltraClear protocol – migraines, brain fog and nausea. The Dynamic Detox was a pleasant surprise. I was so happy that I was even able to give up coffee! I also learned that blogging every day is for me, too much. So when we do it again I’ll write about each phase of the detox, rather than daily, and add more recipes. I enjoyed modifying the recipes and meal planning, as well as adding little anecdotes from our travels, which I will continue to do.

Did following along on our detox journey make you want to practice better self care or even explore a detox? I hope so! Blogging about it made us more accountable so thank you for riding along!