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Essential Wellness Insights

Dynamic Detox day 3

Day three felt pretty smooth. Our food choices remained the same, however I didn’t realize that nuts and seeds, dairy alternatives, sweeteners, and protein sources other than fish and legumes are to be avoided on days 3-4 until just now! I plan on doing a blog post at the end of this on my mistakes.

So far still no negative reactions. One thing I have noticed is a revving in my brain, I’m not sure if it’s the detox or the blogging. I’m not used to blogging and it’s tapping in to a creative side which is exciting but the revving is not a positive thing, there are too many ideas and it makes it hard to focus. I think I’ll up the physical activity today and see if that helps. There will be a separate post on what exercise we are doing.

This detox is not for weight loss, but you can expect to have some. Grady has lost 4 pounds, and it’s only day three (insert eye roll here). Any weight loss at this stage of the detox is sure to be water weight, but it gives you a good idea of the amount of inflammation you’ve been carrying. The scale hasn’t moved for me but I won’t mind if it does! I do feel less puffy.

What we ate:

BreakfastGreen smoothie, Chia pudding with Mango (technically nuts and seeds are avoided on days 3 and 4).

Morning Snack– Dynamic Detox drink, Grady added Banana to his.

Lunch– Yellow curry with cauliflower rice.

Afternoon Snack-Grady had an apple and a vegan protein shake with banana. I had a collagen latte.

DinnerChicken fajitas in lettuce cups with exotic green sauce (another mistake on my part, only protein from fish and legumes are allowed on days 3-8).

After Dinner Snack– Dynamic Detox drink. Grady tried the chocolate this time and liked it even better than the vanilla.

As you can see it’s a lot of food. I don’t get hungry at all- yet. We will eliminate more on days 5-7 and increase the Dynamic Detox powder consumption.